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The Shanghai Connectory is an IoT innovation space that is creating and connecting a community of entrepreneurial innovators, IoT startups, corporations and universities that are exploring the new frontiers of IoT.

The space is dedicated to develop a strong ecosystem for the IoT community, which provides physical space for the IoT community to network and collaborate. It offers a wide range of resources, such as IoT experiences, access to workshops, events, mentor networks, a partner network, etc.

Yes! Tours of the Shanghai Connectory are available. You can schedule one by contacting us through the Contact us form. If you wish to tour the space with a larger group, please also use the contact form to set up a date and time.

Bosch hosts and facilitates the Shanghai Connectory as its IoT innovation space where partners can connect and drive IoT innovation together. Bosch provides industry expertise, a large corporate network and mentoring to the Connectory community.Caohejing hi-tech park innovation center has entrepreneurial resources and a large community which supports the Shanghai Connectory. In addition, both partners co-host IoT events and activities in the space for the community to attend.

How to get involved

Our community includes corporate members, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, associations, universities and mentors.

Shanghai Connectory is going to host public events. See our event calendar to sign up.

Connecting and supporting innovators to realize their dreams

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