Our story

Our story

The Connectory, which focuses on the innovation of the Internet of Things (IoT), is a global innovation network created by Bosch in partnership with innovation hubs located in the regional technology ecosystems. As the first Connectory space in Asia-Pacific, the Shanghai Connectory is built by Bosch and Shanghai Caohejing Innovation Center. It is one of five global Connectory innovation spaces and has the mission of incubating IoT startups in the Asia-Pacific region.

Strong partnerships and collaboration are keys to succeeding with the Internet of Things. If you are looking to join a growing IoT community and benefit from a wide range of resources to support your growth, JOIN US TODAY!

The Shanghai Connectory focuses on three main areas:

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1. Supporting Startups

The Connectory creates a vibrant ecosystem and provides resources to support startups and companies in commercializing their business ideas.
1.Access IoT industry resources from Bosch.
2.Connect and co-create with Bosch innovation teams.
3.Exchange with teams in other Connectory locations.
4.Receive support from the Caohejing Innovation Space.
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2. Connecting Partners

Utilizing Bosch resources and the support of the Caohejing Hi-tech park, the Shanghai Connectory is able to connect startups and corporate partners with a greater network of IoT innovators.
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3. Education about innovation and entrepreneurship

Members are able to collaborate with the Bosch Training Center through a publicly accessible platform that educates about IoT & entrepreneurship.

Our name

The name Connectory is a combination of the words "connection" and "factory", the core elements of Bosch's vision of the future.

As the world, especially China, evolves through a digital transformation, the Shanghai Connectory is a space where connections happens, among devices, people and the larger IoT ecosystem.

With its wide-range of IoT resources and the innovation platforms from its key partners, the Shanghai Connectory provides a physical space to facilitate collaboration, connect startups, universities and corporations, and support overall IoT co-creation.

Shanghai Connectory

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About Bosch

As a global leader in manufacturing, Bosch has a rich history of innovation. It began in 1886 as a startup in a backyard garage when Robert Bosch developed the first automotive spark coil. Over the following 133 years, the company has grown into a leader in industrial manufacturing, admired worldwide for its quality products ranging from automotive components and power tools, to home appliances and sophisticated sensor technology. Now, as the digital era transforms our world and billions of devices are linked to the Internet, Bosch is developing its strengths in manufacturing to bring new capabilities to a connected world.As of December 31, 2018, Bosch China operated 59 legal entities, and posted sales of 112.6 billion CNY.

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About Caohejing

Caohejing High-Tech Park is an economic and technological development, high-tech industry development, and export processing zone approved by the State Council. It is planned with an area of 14.28 square kilometers. Caohejing has gathered more than 3600 Chinese and foreign high-tech enterprises, more than 500 of which are the foreign investment enterprises. 81 of the top 500 multinational companies set up 126 high-tech enterprises in the zone. In 2017, the zone achieved a GDP of 113.3 billion yuan, an operating income of 324 billion yuan, a profit of 31.6 yuan, an import and export of 9.6 billion dollar and a total revenue of 14 billion yuan.

Caohejing Hi-Tech park innovation center (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") is an innovation and entrepreneurship service organization fully invested and directed by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech park, combining the functions of college students entrepreneurship park, international business incubator, and oversea students entrepreneurship park together. The Center has an entrepreneurial base of more than 100,000 square meters and a registered capital of 65 million yuan. For the last 10 years, the Center has bred more than 1400 tech corporations with a success rate of 92%, covering IT, biomedicine, new materials and manufacturing technology, etc.

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Our team

The Shanghai Connectory team is made up of dedicated people with a wide-range of expertise and unique backgrounds. They share a passion for innovation in the fields of connected mobility and the internet of things.

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Connecting and supporting innovators to realize their dreams

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